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When it comes to protecting your leather shoes, consider quality

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Paul Evans The Martin Wholecut Oxford Aged Cognac 
When you buy a beautiful pair of shoes it’s pretty awful when they get that first scuff. Guys are always complaining about the difficulty of keeping their shoes clean and in great condition. If your shoes are scuffing immediately, you might not be buying the highest quality of leather shoes that’s available. While upgrading doesn’t mean you can quit daily maintenance, better quality leather will save you the heartbreak of a pair of shoes disintegrating quickly.
When you were a kid you always wore sneakers. They were cheap and easily replaced while you grew. But you’re a man now; you need to invest in some long lasting leather shoes that you can wear for years and years. This is going to take a little more pocket change than a pair of Nikes, but it’s worth it. If you keep your shoes dry and polish them regularly, they’ll last for 30 to 40 years. If the heel or the sole starts to wear, it’s much easier to pay $100 for a repair than $200 on a pair of shoddy shoes; if you spend more on your shoes today you’ll spend less over the course of your lifetime.
Better quality shoes not only last longer, they are more comfortable. Handmade shoes are better at adjusting to your arch. The molds they use are custom made to fit the foot more naturally. Bonus: when your shoes are more comfortable, you walk better. That means less bumps and scuffs on your shoes. Also, when you invest in something you consciously care for it better. If your shoes are cheap you’re going to treat them that way. When you invest in something you care for it. These are the little things we don’t normally consider.