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MRket FW'14 - Another Look

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  • MRket Menswear Show Recap
  • MRket Menswear Show Recap
  • MRket Menswear Show Recap

Last month at January’s MRket, a dapper-shoed gentleman approached our 2014 collection. He poached several of our new additions, but principally studied the make of our wholecut medallion. After a few minutes he calmly passed the back of his hand over its calfskin leather; then, resolutely, he said we’d somehow taken the perfect ulster cherry and stretched its skin over a shoe. Yes, we answered. These are handmade in Italy.

Esteemed menswear brands from 47 countries were curated for this event. Paul Evans was honored to be one of them. So, while you’re within earshot we’ll keep it short and sweet. We wanted to say that we couldn’t be more grateful to be included among these handsome collections at MRket. The well-built coats of Mabrun, the patchwork scarves of Margo Petitti and the expressive suits of Di Maestro were only a few of the many menswear brands and items we noticed and appreciated.

And, we were ever watchful of Nigel Knox, Pantherella and Robert Graham. All of whom indicate their prowess over fine plumb-fitting sockwear. These designers help our shoes pop not once but twice. MRket was a smash. See you on the dapper side.