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What guys get wrong about dress shoes- Paul Evans featured on Business Insider

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This week we were excited to find out Paul Evans featured in an article published through Business Insider Australia. We were even more stoked when we realized why. The issue writer Linette Lopez mused upon: what guys are constantly getting wrong when it comes to dress shoes.

The main culprit? A lack of diversity in the closet. The solution? Grabbing a few new pairs of Italian leather shoes in different colors and styles… just like the ones we offer.

Basic black oxfords are great, there’s no question about it… but too many men depend on this style as their everyday go-to. Beyond the obvious fact that black is limiting when it comes to matching, but it’s also just kind of, well, boring. And yet if you peek in the average guy’s closet you’ll see not one, but two or three pairs of black. If you’re going to spend a little more on beautiful Italian shoes, why wouldn’t you give yourself more options? As Jessica Cadmus of the Wadrobe Whisperer points out, “Black shoes can be your MVP but cannot be the only players.”

Instead, Cadmus suggests men mix up their shoe wardrobe with a variety of styles and colors—especially with more shades of brown, for instance, cognac and marrone. Also, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the brown box and opt for some less conventional neutrals like grey, navy, and oxblood. (Yes, oxblood can be a neutral!)

In addition to the lack of styles and colors, Lopez notes that men also commonly make the mistake of not properly caring for their shoes. These guys with one pair of black dress shoes make the cardinal sin of wearing them day after day… big mistake. Never wear the same pair of Italian leather shoes two days in a row. It also doesn’t hurt to store your shoes with cedar shoe trees. They help keep the shape of the shoe while preventing moisture damage on the leather.

Not one to naysay without offering a little guidance, Lopez offers up a few options that a guy can keep in his closet for variety and style. For a black basic she chooses our very own Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford in Nero. Clean and classic, the Cagney is the only pair of black lace ups you need in the closet.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, even more important than a black pair of Italian leather shoes is a great pair of brown ones. Vastly more versatile and just as stylish, the Brando Semi-Brogue has decorative detail that dresses up the color for optimal suit styling. Plus, it comes in both cognac and dark brown so you can choose the shade that best suits your wardrobe’s needs.

And if you want to shake it up a bit and deviate from the standard oxford, Lopez suggests two of our favorites: the monk strap and the loafer. We have both single and double monk straps in a variety of colors and even have some advice on how to style them. As far as loafers go, Lopez loves our Van Damme Belgian Loafer in oxblood… and we have to agree.

Check out the entire article on Business Insider Australia.


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