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Outfit ideas for autumn weddings (complete with the perfect Italian shoes)

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It seems to us like more people are pushing their weddings past summer and into the fall months. It makes sense; the changing colors of the leaves and the crisp autumn air have their own unique brand of romanticism. Plus, dressing for a wedding is way more comfortable when the temperature goes down. If you said yes to a few save-the-dates this season, we have some great ideas on what to wear, down to the perfect Italian shoes.


If it’s a formal affair…

Definitely go with dark colors. If you want to be safe, whip out your trusty black suit. It’s a classic look that fits in nicely with any formal wedding. Since most formal weddings are held in the evening, avoid a patterned shirt with this look. You can’t go wrong with a crisp, white shirt with French cuffs and your favorite pair of cufflinks… you never get to wear them, so now’s the perfect time. We love this look sans tie. Instead, add a bit of autumn color with a ruby toned pocket square. Go with black socks and a black leather belt. It may sound boring, but you can add some autumn flare with the Martin Wholecut in oxblood. Their seamless shape is perfect for formal dress while the rich, red color will coordinate nicely with that pocket square.


If the nuptials take place outside…

Outdoor weddings tend to be more casual events, so you can be a little more creative. Instead of going for the standard suit, try pairing your brown trousers with a matching vest. Wear it over a solid color shirt in your favorite fall tone—we’re big fans of marigold or goldenrod, and roll up the sleeves a bit for a devil-may-care look. Then have fun with your accessories. Find a stylish patterned tie and coordinating socks that work with the color of your shirt… don’t go too crazy. Finish the look with our snazziest oxfords, The Brando Semi-Brogue in cognac or dark brown. Whichever color you choose, we have a matching belt to go with it.


If the invite says “casual”…

That doesn’t mean “sloppy.” But you sure as hell don’t have to break out the suit and tie. Keep with the oxford shirt, but have some fun by picking one in a cool pattern. There’s something about plaid that really evokes the feeling of fall. Pair with slim-cut chinos in a warm color—we like Peruvian brown or russet. If the weather is temperate enough to go sockless, go for it. If not, stick with a pair that is a solid color found in the pattern of your shirt… preferably one of the subtlest ones. Socks or no, the look will be perfect with our Van Damme Belgian Loafer.