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Basic Man

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Basic Man

Our friends over at Sprezzabox are launching a new venture, Basic Man. Sprezzabox sends their subscribers a monthly box of men’s accessories to truly finish off a great outfit, or just enhance your lifestyle. Think ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, watch straps, shoe horns, skin care, etcetera. They got incredible feedback whenever they included undergarments for men, and decided to pursue a similar model for men’s basics. 

Nobody wants to waste their time or money shopping for basics, their customers said, but buying the bulk undershirts or underwear wasn’t a) stylish or b) comfortable. Basic MAN is here to help. Each month, for under $20, they’ll send you a pair of high quality boxer briefs, t-shirt and socks. They’ll keep your basics fresh and fun, revamping your collection with different colors, cuts and styles that you'll need. The point is to finally get you to throw out your underwear that doesn't fit or is just worn the heck out.

Each garment comes with expiration dates! Once they hit this mark, toss them, use them to wash your car, frame them to show off their beauty...they don't care, just stop wearing them. But inexpensive and easy doesn’t mean cheap here. For example, typical boxer-briefs are made from cotton or polyester. These fabrics attract bacteria, don’t absorb sweat well, and smell. Instead, basic Man uses Modal, which is a sustainable fabric made from beechwood trees. It’s 50% more absorbent than cotton, breathable and odor resistant. But more importantly it's ridiculously soft and comfortable. While we do rock the same T’s for a while, our boxers and socks definitely hang around in our drawers for longer than they should.

Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to try them out for one month at $19, or cover yourself for the next year at $180.